Thursday (12) was important for the price of Bitcoin, especially in Brazil. With the beginning of negotiations by PayPal, Bitcoin was negotiated over $ 90 thousand in some brokers.

At the time of writing this article, the price of Bitcoin in Brazil reached up to $ 91 thousand in the broker Coinbene. In addition, it was quoted at $ 90,160 in the FTX brokerage, being the highest quotations according to CoinTrader Monitor.

Despite this, in the other brokers Bitcoin was still close to $ 90,000. The highlight is that the high of the day in Brazil was also adjusted by the dollar, which rose again for the third day in a row.

The date, however, was celebrated not only by Brazilians, but by the worldwide Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin price skyrockets and is traded over R$ 90 thousand

A move that was speculated a few days ago in the Bitcoin community was PayPal’s entry into the sector. Since October 21st, when the company announced the adoption of Bitcoin, the price of digital currency has stopped valuing more.

Those who waited for this entry, however, did not have to wait long. That’s because on Thursday the company finally announced the beginning of the acceptance of Bitcoin in its platform.

However, only PayPal customers in the United States will be able to buy crypto currency, at least at the beginning. Anyway, the news was well received and Bitcoin even exceeded $ 16,400 in some brokers.

We are pleased to announce that starting today, all of our eligible US customers can now buy, hold and sell #Cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal accounts. We’ve also increased our weekly purchase limit to $20K.
“11/12/20 Update: We are pleased to announce that all eligible PayPal account holders in the U.S. can now buy, maintain, and sell cryptomaches directly with PayPal,”

PayPal’s Cryptomaches Adoption Update

Considered a large company in the digital payments sector, this was an important move. In 2019, for example, PayPal teamed up with Facebook to create a cryptomeda.

After resistance from several governments with cryptomoeda Libra, PayPal abandoned the project. On this Thursday, it fulfilled its recent promise and now adheres to cryptomoeda once and for all.
PayPal customers can buy, sell and store four cryptomoeda in PayPal

Not only Bitcoin starts to be traded on PayPal, but also Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. The currencies can even be stored with the company in a PayPal digital wallet.

The mass adoption of cryptomorphic public currencies, shows the business world an important move with the strengthening of PayPal. At the same time, more billionaires say they are positioning themselves in gold. In recent days, another billionaire decided to invest in Bitcoin and said it was better than gold.

In the middle of the world crisis in economy and health, Bitcoin keeps drawing attention. In 2017, for much less the price of the digital currency reached over U$ 20 thousand. With a growing institutional adoption, where can the largest decentralized currency in the world stop?

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