Is there a threat of overheating?

All-time high: Bitcoin price above 34,500 USD – Is there a threat of overheating?

Even long-time Bitcoin investors have yet to experience a situation like this. The bitcoin price is climbing to a new all-time high every day. The latest record high was taken at 8am this morning Bitcoin Bank when the bitcoin price broke through the $34,000 mark. Judging by the current pace of the price increase, it is impossible to estimate where the price will end up in the next few hours. The first side effects of the historic Bitcoin rally are not long in coming.

Yesterday morning, the bitcoin price was still below 30,000 US dollars. Just one day later, we are taking aim at the 35,000 US dollar mark, currently at 34,500 US dollars. Looking at the annual chart, the rise in the Bitcoin price looks more and more like an exponential function.

With this huge increase, it is important to realise that this represents an increase in Bitcoin market capitalisation of around $100 billion. Overnight, the GDP of a small state was thus added to Bitcoin’s market capitalisation.

Side effects of the Bitcoin hype are not absent

Such a sharp rise in the Bitcoin price also always puts a strain on the ecosystem. Already during the crypto hype at the end of 2017, crypto exchanges, among others, reached their load capacities and failures occurred. Although the ecosystem of service providers has developed and improved significantly since then, current crypto service providers seem to be facing their first failures.

We have received letters from readers that individual crypto exchanges and brokers were down for a short time. For example, it was reported that a large European crypto broker was unable to log in via desktop or app from 4-6pm yesterday.

Bitcoin FOMO takes hold

As already explained yesterday by the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index, the sentiment for the greed factor is also reaching a record high. The mood is heated to the max. From historical experience, a warning signal for every investor that the probability of a correction is increasing.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is now spreading not only among private investors, but also among institutional investors. There is a real build-up of both investor groups. At the same time, the rapidly increasing scarcity of Bitcoin is increasing the price pressure on the Bitcoin price. More and more Bitcoin is being withdrawn from the market by investors with a long-term holding horizon. This has given the shortage a strong momentum of its own in recent days.

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